Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Purple Pepper or Blame my friend Eve

When I came home the other day with a purple pepper from the green market, my step-kids didn't even bat, roll or blink an eye. And they're from Williamsburg. They know already that if there is a strange colored fruit or vegetable, I won't be able to resist buying it. We have already experienced red bananas, yellow kiwis, green tomatoes, etc., so naturally they would expect no less of me than to enter our house brandishing a purple pepper. With bated breath I washed it off and sliced a piece and...ughgh, it was so... dry and bitter. It was like a green pepper that had just come back from a week of beach bumming with vodka on its breath. However, always optimistic about the inherent goodness of the vegetable kingdom, I decided to cook it. As a raw foodist, this was a last resort, but I was determined to make it good, even if it meant sheepishly returning to my stovetop as one returns to a friend from whom one needs a favor and hasn't talked to in 5 years. Since, if I do cook, I cook with coconut oil, I ended up making a coconut curry. This is what I think I put into it:
Purple pepper
Yellow squash
Coconut milk
Fenugreek (just cause)
Possibly lemon juice, but I can't remember for sure

In the end it was a triumph, except for one imperfection - The pepper was no longer purple, but a shade of dull green.

Thus ends my first blog ever. For better or for worse, blame my friend Eve for planting the idea in that overgrown thicket known as my mind.

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the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Belle!

Yes, it has been my experience as well that purple peppers are disappointing (unlike almost any other purple food), and, like dragon beans, and purple snap beans, they do lose that lush purplessence when cooked--definitely an argument for the uncooked option.